I was recently described by Duncan Hull as waging a one man war for metadata on the web. There is a degree of truth in this, of course. Since Lindsay Marshall (n.d.a/) and myself started work on Greycite (n.d.b) (Lindsay writes it, then I break it, roles both of us are happy with), there is a degree of truth in this. I have found myself continually amazed by which websites do or do not carry metadata. Often there is none whatsoever, and sometimes it’s just wrong.

What is amazing is that many organisations who you think really should have metadata don’t. Toward this end, I have started to compile two pages: metadata irony and metadata awards. At the moment, these are just some pages, but I might make something better if they get long enough. I guarantee that some of the organisations here will surprise you.

Duncan, incidentally, has reasonably good metadata on this blog. Should probably fix his name though.