Metadata Irony

This page contains a list of references to other pages which I hereby award a “Metadata Irony” award; these are pages that describe, evangalize or for some other reason really should have computational metadata. But don’t.


The references on this page are automatically generated using the Kcite ( tool; this retrieves metadata from Greycite (, which in turns mines the metadata from the contents of the URL. Greycite looks for a wide variety of metadata sources, including OGP (, Google Scholar tags ( and CoINS ( None of these pages have metadata in them, so are happy inclusions on the metadata irony pages.

Greycite periodically rescans, and kcite updates the bibliographic metadata, so this page may change over time. Hopefully, over time more and more links on this page will become well formed. I will happily move any page here that gets better to our (

It’s also possible that Greycite is missing things, and that the metadata is there. Please feel to let me know if this is the case and will be move the link and fix Greycite!

The links

Semantic Web Articles

The semantic web community seems particular prone to not using any metadata on their web pages. We document examples here.

International Semantic Web Conference

The International Semantic Web Conference is, as the name suggests about the semantic web. Their web pages have no bibliographic metadata for:

The Semantic University

The semantic university is a notable effort to describe semantic web technologies and how to use them. There are many articles on semantic web, linked data and so on. But no metadata.


A workshop about semantic publishing which doesn’t (

Metadata Standards and Organisation

Metadata standards are a growth industry in biology, and describe how to represent metadata.


MIAPE is a data standard describing how other people should provide standard, minimal information about their proteomics experiment (


OBI, an ontology of biomedical investigations ( But not bibliographic metadata.


“Toward a thriving metadata ecosystem” (except on web pages) (


Okay, so I am an ontologist ( and I am ashamed of having a “misc” category (, but what are you to do?

Creative Commons

Very creative, not very descriptive (

Digitial Science

Tag line at the time of writing: “software that understand science” ( With a web page not understandable by software.


What can I say?


Researcher Metadata. For them, not for the web.

Apologies, to Brian — his was the first ORCID in Google.


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