Virgin Money 2016 Cyclone

I am very happy with myself as, on saturday, I managed to complete the 64 mile Cyclone. The last time I managed this was 6 years ago (n.d.a) There were other momentus events happening in my life that year (n.d.b) which probably explain why I have not found the time to replicate the feat since then.

Robot Testing With Emacs

I have written about assess previously (n.d.) it is a tool which provides predicates, macros and functions to support testing for Emacs. It is actually agnostic to the test environment, although has specialised support for ERT.

The Epistemology of Pizza

Over the years, a great deal has been written about the ontology of pizza (n.d.a/) It’s a good example, is easy to understand and works surprisingly well in a tutorial context. It is also comes up surprisingly commonly in the public sphere as it did last year on BBC News (n.d.b) The key point of which is this: the pizza maker argues that you can’t have a marinara (tomato and garlic) with added mozzarella because a marinara is pizza rossa which can’t have mozzarella; a margherita (tomato and mozzarella) with garlic is fine though. Ha, those crazy Italians. I paraphrase, of course.

Logging Concluded

My last blogpost was on logging (n.d.) with the SLF4J library, its inclusion in the OWL API, and its impact on Tawny-OWL. It raised quite a response, not least because it suggested that people ignore the advice of the authors of the library.