I am very happy with myself as, on saturday, I managed to complete the 64 mile Cyclone. The last time I managed this was 6 years ago (n.d.a) There were other momentus events happening in my life that year (n.d.b) which probably explain why I have not found the time to replicate the feat since then.

My main change this year has been my training schedule; I knew that I was going to get there by cycling at the weekends — it’s not enough, and too irregular. So, instead, I have been using some cycle rollers that I bought ages ago but have not really just started to use. And what a difference they have made; I remember feeling tired after a 20 mile ride in April, so have got to 60 pretty quick. In fact, I managed to time close to my previous best, coming in at 4:57 (on the road) or 5:12 (elapsed) which makes just over 12mph.

It was a hard ride — I’ve been training mostly up and down the river, and the cyclone is pretty hill; I was starting to feel tired at 50 miles and, although I did keep the speed up for the ride in, I was reaching my limit. Having said that, this year, they have added a 90mile route as well, and I fancy trying it next year. I’m not totally convinced that my bike (n.d.c) is right for it. It’s a little heavy, probably about 15kg with all the extra baggage I carry on it. But, then, I am also a little heavy with the extra baggage I am carrying, so perhaps it’s not an issue.