Moving Host

Over the last couple of days, I have moved the host machine for this blog; many thanks to Dan Swan who provided me with pro bono hosting since I moved to Wordpress in 2009 (n.d.a/) As far as I can tell at the moment (assuming I do not discover anything broken), the move has gone very seamlessly. The only tricky bit is testing the new site — the solution here is to fiddle with /etc/hosts to point the test client at the new site, without having to change the DNS. When I do change the DNS, everything should be ready.

Slightly Less Ironic

Following up from somewhat combatative article of yesterday (n.d./) my colleagues Michel Dumontier and Bijan Parsia pointed out that my last post was technically wrong. Actually, Bijan said “you’re an idiot who can barely use a computer”. Still one of the reasons I publish my work and thoughts early in this journal is to get feedback about it, I can’t complain about this.

Semantic Web Irony

I am at the Extended Semantic Web Conference (n.d./) I haven’t published or been to this conference for quite a while (Lord et al. 2005) so I was interested to see how things have changed in the meantime.

Extended Semantic Web Conference

It was interesting to go the ESWC 2012; it has been quite a few years since I have been to ESWC or, indeed, any semantic web conference. While I am not generally a live-blogger, I have already commented on some aspects of conference (n.d.a/) Here I will just consider a few of the talks which leapt out at me for good or bad reasons.