Following up from somewhat combatative article of yesterday (n.d./) my colleagues Michel Dumontier and Bijan Parsia pointed out that my last post was technically wrong. Actually, Bijan said “you’re an idiot who can barely use a computer”. Still one of the reasons I publish my work and thoughts early in this journal is to get feedback about it, I can’t complain about this.

The file 978-3-642-30283-1_Book_PrintPDF.pdf is actually not just the table of contents as I had taken it to be, but all 900 pages of the proceedings. It isn’t hyperlinked, but you can search or jump to page with your PDF viewer to get to the relevant article. The files with the form eswc2012_submission_nnn.pdf are for the demonstrations and the posters.

My mistake. I was wrong. Somewhat.


  • Hyperlink to Bijan’s page corrected following his request.

  • Addressed spelling mistake in latin, by moving to English