While moving I ended up rereading Enough — it’s not been long since I first read this, but it migrated to the top of my book pile; he mentioned three beautiful things which is a blog about nice things. This struck me as an interesting idea.

Initially, I had thought to enforce my reputation for irritability by posting a blog on those who annoyed me during the house move, but, inspired, I’ve decided to write about those who did a good job; of course, by reputation for irritability has been developed over years, and is a finally-honed, work-avoidance strategy and can’t be entirely ignored. So, I present, my House Move Saints and Sinners.


NPower: they achieved the move of our supplies with very little hassle, and were quick and competant.

British Gas: Again, straight-forward and efficient. The chap I spoke to was happy and jovial; even when I closed my account he was cracking jokes. Had heard the joke before, but the effort was appreciated.

Council Tax: This required a relatively large number of questions and lots of tapping at the other end, but, nonetheless, it all got moved within a few minutes.

Water: Yep, very simple, happy to send someone out to read the meter, which as it was under a foot of mud, following flooding, I was happy about.

Letting Agents: A surprise later entry here, as I’ve never had a particularly good time with Countrywide Residential Letting but in this case, the check out was simple and we got the deposit back without unpleasantness.


Post Office: we paid for redirection, but it didn’t work. So I had to phone them up, and got the pleasure of sitting in a menu system which sent me around in circles. They didn’t endear me with their “Sorry, we couldn’t be bothered to press the doorbell” card that I found on my doormat first thing in the morning.

Virgin: second time I’ve moved to them, second screwed installation. Last time, they didn’t turn up and then tried to charge me for not being in. This time, the move of my number didn’t happen, then they told me it would take till January. In the end, it was quicker.

Ramshaw Transport: they agreed to do the removal at very short notice, turned up, were efficient and good natured. We did see dints in the furniture before they left, but okay these things happen. However, their packing service was not good. There were some breakages, bent pictures, folded book-covers and a chipped statue; as well as many lucky escapes—​a glass lampshade and electronics (computer, monitor and hard drives) backed without protection, under heavy things. Whoever packed a toilet brush with our bed linen, though, really wins the prize for lack of thought.


Moving was actually okay. I wouldn’t say it was stressful, although it was a lot of work. Perhaps, it’s just that I am used to seeing my to-do list getting longer and longer; being an academic requires the long-view as well as the aggressive prioritization, of dropping everything that won’t get you sacked.

Against this, I guess, I do feel grateful for those who decrease the work that I have to do by any amount. I’m glad the saints outnumbered the sinners.