Tawny-OWL 1.4

I am pleased to announce this 1.4.0 release of Tawny-OWL. It is with some surprise that I find that it is about 8 months since the last release, which is indicative of the relatively stable state of Tawny.

The Tawny Tutorial

While I have been working on a manual called Take Wing for Tawny-OWL (n.d.a) for some time, it is far from finished. In the meantime, I am giving a tutorial at this years ICBO, and the slides for this are now relatively advanced, although I have a few more sections and some checking to do. The full tutorial is available (http://github.com/phillord/tawny-tutorial), and I think it offers are fairly comprehensive guide to basic Tawny-OWL usage.

lentic 0.9

Lentic is a package which implements lenticular text — two Emacs buffers that contain the same content, but are otherwise independent. Unlike indirect-buffers, which must contain absolutely identical strings, lentic buffers can contain different text, with a transformation between the two.