Tawny-OWL 1.5

I am pleased to annouce the 1.5.0 release of Tawny-OWL, the fully programmatic ontology construction environment.

What shall we do with the Fake Reviewers?

I was entertained to see that Springer recently retracted a set of papers, having apparently detected a set of fake reviewers (n.d.a) The game seems to be that authors suggest reviewers who are real people but with fake emails owned by the authors. Allyson Lister, a colleague of mine, was twice the victim of this form of identity theft (n.d.b/) (n.d.c/) a while back so I am perhaps less surprised to hear that this is happening than some in the scientific community.

How Reviewers should Gain Credit

I have discussed the issue of peer-review before, and my frustration at being asked to review for journals with high submissions fees (n.d.a) something for which we as academics gain very little credit for.

Bio-Ontologies and ICBO

I’m winding by way back from a busy month with both Bio-Ontologies and ICBO, but in general I think the experience has been really positive, even if interspersing holiday and work travel has rather exhausted me. But both were in Europe and Bio-Ontologies was right next door, so I did not want to waste the opportunity.