Systems Biology and Neuroinformatics

At a workshop in Edinburgh today. Thought it would be a good ideas; the CARMEN project is coming up so having some understanding of neuroinformatics. As for systems biology, thought I’d like to fail to understand some more people telling me what it actually is. Originally published on my old blog site.

The Morning after

Yes, now I am 35. Years ending in 5 and 0 are always difficult ones. This one makes me, now, well on the way to middle age. Ah, well, there’s nothing that I can do about it, so why worry? Originally published on my old blog site.


Wasn’t sure about this one. It was an entertaining watch, I suspose, although I’ve got to a point in my life where I find Jack Black irritating rather than mildy amusing. Still, John Cusack is charismatic enough to rescue most films, it’s full of pretty women and has some wonderful songs in the soundtrack which have been moldering in the dust of my record collection for too long. Strangely, reading the credits, I noticed that the executive producer was Alan Greenspan. Good to have strong support on your side. Originally published on my old blog site.

Bhajee on the Beach

I’ve only ever seen the last five minutes of this film about a decade ago. I hadn’t realised that it was written by Meera Syal. Great film; funny, with nice observed social commentary and a few bits of the bizarre. It feels slightly dated now, but seems to improve with age; it now reminds me of history as well. After that, I watched the X-Men 1 film; perhaps a strange choice; it shares one thing, though, with Bhajee on the Beach which is an excellent ensemble cast. I think I prefer this sort of film to the big star vehicle which is too common these days. Originally published on my old blog site.

Aloo Gobi

Bought a copy of Bend it like Beckham a while back; personally, I disagree. I’d rather be able to cook Aloo Gobi than kick a curve ball. Fortunately, I can, I did. Yeah, it was alright. Originally published on my old blog site.

Walking and Cleaning

While I was out walking yesterday, up around Northumbria with my friend, Ian, I realised two things: first was that Ian and myself hadn’t been on a walk together since before I went to Edinburgh, more than fifteen years ago; second, that I didn’t know how to clean the pipe of a water skin. These things are great in general, but can be tricky to clean, and you have to remember to empty the water and dry them. Last time I walked, I left some water trapped in the pipe and it went green. How to clean it? So, here is my solution: cut a piece of cotton thread about three times the length of the pipe; about half way down tie a small piece (about 2cm) of hemp string or something similar; feed the end of the thread into the pipe — getting a couple of cm’s is easy, more is…

Splitting Files

I want to use Unison, the file synchroniser to move files between home and work, when my broadband comes; this means I can put files into a transfer space, and remove them either side: I won’t have to clean up twice. There’s a problem though: Unison can’t restart an interrupted transfer. This is a pity because it uses the rsync algorithm and copies to a temporary file; it should be easy enough to restart the transfer. It effectively blocks using Unison over the (slow) broadband that I am buying, at least unaided. So I’ve written some scripts to copy and split files into small bits. I’ll release them to the website in a few days time. Can’t believe no one has done this before, but I couldn’t find anything. Originally published on my old blog site…

Edinburgh Past

Fell across my old flat mates tour of Virtual Edinburgh today. I had some good times in the flat there, although it used to get into a real mess. This picture of the bathroom; the bit which says "if anyone stays in too long" largely refers to me. Originally published on my old blog site.

John Renborn and Robin Williamson

I’ve seen John Renborn a number of times, but never Robin Williamson. Had seats in the front row, so it lacked the coldness that you normally get in the Sage. The music was beautiful and melodic, but the gig as the whole lacked enough variation. John Renborn did one Booker T number, for instance, which was fast and the audience went wild. Robin Williamson provided some good chat between songs, although he played far too many instruments; his sound was a bit ropey as a result. Originally published on my old blog site.


Decided to get broadband for the house; bit of a nightmare; there are so many variables that the different packages are hard to compare. Bulldog appears the cheapest at a tenner for 8Mb, but isn’t available here. Irritatingly, they over a slower package for more. CarphoneWarehouse announced a new package today, but this involves the phone and has an 18 month tie in, and a 30 quid connection fee. Currently, tiscali appears the best, though. It’s slow (1Mb), but cheap and uncapped, and seem to have good house moving policies. The only problem is that they don’t do static IP’s. I think I can get around this, with various NAT fiddlings, but it’s not-trivial. This is all a pain; there is too much choice here, too many options. This seems to be true in general fo…