We are live

Well, this is it; although I have been using this blog for a week or so now, I haven’t told anyone about it because it wasn’t quite ready. Today, with a little VirtualHost hacking and it’s finally up and running. I’m not totally happy with the theme yet, but that can change over time. The basic content uploaded, commentary and permalinks seems to all be working. Many thanks to Dan Swan who set up wordpress and has lent me a bit of his virtual machine. An excellent job, as ever.

The Sea Cylinder Storage System

I got this great idea a few months back, but never got around to writing it up; in the course of doing so, I realised that it’s not entirely novel. Still, as this is going up on my all new blog, I’m going to post it anyway. It serves two functions now: firstly, it’s got an image it it, which I’ve not done before and need to see whether it works; and, second, the image has been created with Inkscape, which I haven’t used before. Okay, onto the idea.

The Comparative Advantage of Bees

I’ve been thinking about the decline of the honeybee population after watching a BBC documentary on it; I’ve decided that it is all the fault of the theory of comparative advantage.

Identifiers for Science

While it’s not a major problem, the inability to uniquely and reliably identifier a particular scientist is a niggle; a few years ago, I was distressed to find that I was scheduled to give a talk at an eScience conference about security; anyone who knows me, will understand how implausible this was. I hadn’t considered the possibility that there was another Phillip Lord in eScience. It’s not that common a name.

New Day, New Blog

It’s finally happened. I’ve decided to move from generating my blog with muse to using a Wordpress hosted version. The muse generated version is a set of static pages; I like the simplicity of this, but it’s just not powerful enough. I wanted to keep the ability to edit my posts with a text editor; for this, I am using asciidoc and blogpost which I hope will function as easily as muse. It’s going to take writing a bit of support code, but it should be relatively light; in the meantime, it should stop people moaning about my awful blog design.