Incredible Human Journey

Just finished watching, Dr Alice Robert and the incredible human journey. I’ve not seen her before, although apparently she’s been around a bit; she’s not a bad presenter; she’s enthusiastic without being gushing, explains clearly without being cringe-worthy simplification. Her semi-plummy tones are slightly irritating, but I guess I can live with that.

Introducing Omnencap

Ah, it does on and on. After my last attempt at literate OWL programming, called omnsplit, I decided that there was a problem; this version splits the OWL file into individual statements, and puts them into files with the same name as the OWL class (property, or whatever).

Audacity of Enough

Just finished two new books in a row. It’s an unusual feature of my life that I am relaxed enough to do this; normally, when my head is too full of stuff, or my diary is too full of deadlines, I tend to be too tired in the evening to give my full attention to reading. At the moment, most of my colleagues seem to be chasing exam marking deadlines, so I feel slightly guilty at this, perhaps, but then I’ve been using the time to think about some new ideas for research, so not too guilty. And, as I mentioned, reading some books; so, onto these.

Introducing omnsplit

After a bit of struggle, I now have another literate OWL tool working, along the lines discussed in a previous blog post. Rather than generating the OWL documentation, I now split a Manchester syntax file up, so that I can refer to bits of it. I have this working with OBI, using Protege to produce a single merged ontology file, in Manchester syntax.

Wordpress Upgrade

Just upgraded to Wordpress 2.8. The automatic update didn’t work; this seems to be a continual problem which stems from wordpress not being in the default location. For some reason, it wants to push from the new version rather than pull under these circumstances. Not good.