Blogpost Fiddling

I think I now have my blogging environment as I want it. I’ve been using to do my posting. I couldn’t let go of my text only environment. I don’t care if it’s old fashioned, but I like the separation of editing and viewing. In this case, I’ve even had to learn asciidoc, but it was worth the effort.

Talk Finished

Thankful, the talk is over. It went okay, didn’t stumble too much and most importantly, got a few laughs.

Publication by Blog

Blogs are generally seen as a slightly dubious part of the scientific publishing landscape. This is not, of course, unreasonable. I put stuff up here, for example, such as my idea for IDs that I’ve thought about for a few days, but that I am unlikely to follow any further, or stuff opinion pieces on bees about which I have as little expertise as the average journalist.

To Bio-Ontologies 2009

So, this year of Bio-Ontologies is upon me; I’m sitting in the airport waiting to fly in the wrong direction; although I’ve noticed that the airport signs no longer call this “waiting time” but “shopping time”.

Incredible Human Journey

Just finished watching, Dr Alice Robert and the incredible human journey. I’ve not seen her before, although apparently she’s been around a bit; she’s not a bad presenter; she’s enthusiastic without being gushing, explains clearly without being cringe-worthy simplification. Her semi-plummy tones are slightly irritating, but I guess I can live with that.