Configuring the Marble Mouse for Ubuntu 17.04

Years ago, after problems with my wrist, I moved to using a trackball when ever I can. Good move it was too, but I am left with one pain. I use a Logitech Marble Mouse and it has no scroll wheel; this is sad because I have loved scroll wheels since they came out. So, instead, I use scroll wheel emulation — you hold down a button and trackball moves are interpreted as scroll events.

Roy Harper at Bridgewater Hall

I’ve been listening to Roy’s music for years: originally, I read an article in a guitar magazine, and then heard down the grapevine about his live peformance, and I thought it sounded fun. This all happened when I was about to go to university. It was this collection of circumstances that has meant that Roy had a formative place in my musical upbringing. I bought a copy of his album Once, and shortly after saw him play live. Before this, my life music had been limited to blues in the local pubs; Roy was the first “real” gig that I saw live.