Pilsen, Czech Republic

I’ve just arrived at the conference centre in Pilsen for Neuroinformatics 2009. I got into Pilsen last night, exhausted from the flights and lack of sleep, especially after Science Online. Ironically, I was so knackered last night, that I was in the bedroom by 10 which, follow the traditional hour of fiddling with the aircon to get a reasonable temperature, meant I still got a good nights sleep and managed to get up early. To the point that my phone alarm annouced “It’s time to get up”, loudly in the taxi here.

Installing Vista

This year, our clusters are going to be moved over to Vista, so I’ve decided to downgrade my windows box from XP to vista. It’s been an inevitable fun-filled afternoon as a result.

Science Online London 2009

Came down to London last night; forgotten quite how much I dislike this place. Within 10 minutes, I found myself turning into a miserable enemy-of-humanity, having experienced the isolation and rudeness characteristic of the place. Of course, it has to be admitted that the first (re)experience of London involves travelling in the tube, at 5.30, with luggage. Truly, London at its worse. Still, spent the evening, outside the pub, with Aengus Stewart from CRUK; highly entertaining discussion, which is, I guess, London at it’s best.