In the Airport (03/01/10 am)

The flight from Dhaka is belayed due to the weather; while the ever-present smog has saved my a fortune in suntan cream, now it’s not nearly so good.

A trip up the river (2/1/10)

Today, we went to the bazaar in old Dhaka. After a long drag across town for an hour in polluted air, we got to Sadarghat ferry terminal where we took a dubious ride across the river; again, we were the focus of attention at the river. It’s clear that they don’t get too much crazy westerners down there.

Old Dhaka (1/1/10)

Not much to say about yesterday; it was new year, so we had a party and food. All good, but not particularly notable.

In the Dhaka Westin (30/12/09)

I started today with a late breakfast — I went for a combination Bangladeshi-English breakfast with both curry and hash-browns. Tomorrow, I’ll drop the rice, and have the fresh bread that they are make on the spot.