On a Camel (08/01/10)

This morning, went to the Jain temples I missed yesterday. There are five, as it happens, interlocking, interconnected, criss-crossing the streets. They’re very good, closeted and enclosed after the airy, openness of Ranakpur.

Jodphur (05/01/2010)

Today started with a hairy car journey to the Ranakpur Jain temple. I know very little about the Jain religion except for extreme veggie tendencies. One thing is clear, though — they make very impressive temples. It was a place of singing and joy. As with as the religious and tourists, there were a bunch of school children from Bali — they were expect at posing, 10 of them could form up in an instant and they delighted in having their picture taken.

Udaipur (04/01/10)

A day late, but got here eventually. It’s much warmer than Delhi. The hotel is good enough and a blessed relief after last nights mouse pit.

In Delhi (03/01/10 pm)

Got fogged off and missed our connection. Now stuck in Delhi. The airport was chaos. It took us over 2 hours before we got a new ticket, and then a hotel transfer. The hotel is, well, a genuine cultural experience. Hot water — at least if you turn the boiler on first. The room not too clean with a strange smell. And no heating, which is unfortunate in the middle of winter.