Jaislmer to Jaipur (09/01/10pm)

The Aussies were made; the bus is squalid. There are seats and bunks. The posh option is a upper bunk over the seats, with sliding windows on both sides. The opposite side is a single bunk which is open. The seats are if you are really poor. The temperature inside the bus is rising from hot to, well, hotter. I have no idea what this must be like when we are not in the middle of a cold spell.

Jaisalmer (07/01/10 pm)

The town of Jaisalmer is nice, with lots of great, intricate architecture; the lattice work is everywhere. The rest of the fort is actually a bazaar — to some extent, once you have seen one, you have seen them all. There are some Jain temples, though, which are impressive from the outside, although shut by the time we got there.

Jaisalmer (07/01/10)

Overnight from Jodphur was actually okay — the train was a bit of a tight fit, but fine. We arrived at the hotel just before 6am and kipped on the roof till breakfast. We are staying in the shadow of the fort. We should get a room and see what the day holds.

Jodphur (06/01/10 pm)

Today, visited the Mehrangarh fort in Jodphur. It’s a wonderful place, excellent restored and with quality audio guide and signs. Apparently, when they started to restore it in 1972 one source of income was from selling the bat guano that have accumulated, which is an unusual start to a museum. Finished off the tour with an excellent veggie thali that went down very well.