Kcite, Greycite and Kblog-metadata

I am pleased to announce that as part of my work on knowledgeblog (n.d.a/) we now have two new tools — Greycite and kblog-metadata — and have extended kcite, our citation engine (n.d.b) I will just give a brief overview here of the functionality here. Subsequent articles will describe these tools in more detail, explaining the rationale behind them.


In this article, we will describe the rationale behind our new service, Greycite, that we have developed in general enable more formal citation of URLs, and specifically to back up the kcite citation engine.

Semantic Linking Studentship

I have a PhD studentship available for anyone wishing to work on using the Semantic Web and linked data to improve the process of scientific publishing.

Semantics-Free Ontologies

In this article, I consider the problems of semantics-free identifiers in OWL and suggest another (possible) solution to the problem.