Last week, I went to SWAT4HCLS in Basel and what a good experience it was.

Home Hydrogen

Years ago, I wrote a site full of daft ideas about energy production. The site was mostly an experiment with Wiki technology; I guess that time has passed, but I was also fascinated but different ways that we could generate and use energy. This post is a resurrection of that idea.


I finally have multi-cite up and running. This is an pandoc filter that produces ordered reference lists directly from URLs, or other identifiers.

Pandoc and Zola

In my last post, I noted that Zola was not a powerful enough environment for me to use. It requires markdown in a very specific format and that was just not rich enough.


In my last post, I said that I have moved to Zola from Wordpress. In this post, I thought I would share a few reflections about how that went.