Slow Flow Train

I was reading about the infinity train recently. This is a battery powered electric train that never needs recharging, at least not in normal operation. This sounds impossible, but in this case it works because the train is used in mining operations. The minerals are mined in the middle of Australia and then shipped to the coast; the point being that energy regenerated from the braking on the way to the coast, when the train is fully loaded, is used to charge the batteries to return the train to the mine when it is empty. It’s like a virtual counter-weight system.


Last week, I went to SWAT4HCLS in Basel and what a good experience it was.

Home Hydrogen

Years ago, I wrote a site full of daft ideas about energy production. The site was mostly an experiment with Wiki technology; I guess that time has passed, but I was also fascinated but different ways that we could generate and use energy. This post is a resurrection of that idea.


I finally have multi-cite up and running. This is an pandoc filter that produces ordered reference lists directly from URLs, or other identifiers.

Pandoc and Zola

In my last post, I noted that Zola was not a powerful enough environment for me to use. It requires markdown in a very specific format and that was just not rich enough.