Overlays over arXiv

Much has been said about overlay journals (n.d.a/) The idea is simple; the journal essentially becomes a selector, a channel, with the paper itself being hosted elsewhere, such as arXiv.

Archiving of Scientific Material

In this article, I consider the practical issues with archiving of scientific material placed on the web; I will describe the motivation for doing this, the background and consider the various mechanisms for doing so.

Open Access Response to HEFCE

HEFCE is currently asking for feedback on the role of Open Access in the next REF. While I have a a number of technical suggestions, I think that the biggest and best contribution that the next HEFCE could make to the next REF is to state pubically that all journal/conference/venue metadata be removed from papers before they are sent for review.

The evil a space can do

Recently, I was contacted by a Kcite (n.d.a) user who had found an interesting problem. They had cut-and-paste a DOI from the American Society of Microbiology article [webcite], and then used this in a blog post. But it was not working. The user actually did identify the problem, which was a strange character in the DOI.