Neil Young at the Academy

A few weeks back, I went to see Neil Young at the Academy. This represents quite a few firsts for me: although I’ve loved his stuff for years, this is the first time that I have seen Neil Young live, and likewise Crazy Horse. It’s also the first gig that I have been to for quite a while. I have never got over the sense of excitement of live music and this has only been increased by its rarity. I was definately looking forward to it.

Data Properties in Tawny

Although it appears fairly innocuous, the last commit to tawny-owl seems momentus to me. While I still need to go through the spec line-by-line, and the code needs some clean up, this commit essentially represents the completion of the tawny.owl namespace; the addition of data properties and data types was the last part of the spec that I have to fulfil.

Supporting OBO style identifiers in Tawny

Tawny-OWL (n.d.a) is a library which enables the programmatic construction of OWL (n.d.b) One of the limitations with tawny as it stands is that it did not implement numeric, semantics free identifiers (n.d.c) tawny builds identifiers from the clojure symbols used to describe the class. So, in my pizza ontology, for instance, PizzaTopping gets an iri ending in PizzaTopping. Semantics free identifiers have some significant advantages; the principle one is that the establish an identity for an object which can persist even if the properties (the labels for instance) change, as I have described previously (n.d.d)