Why do DOIs make things citable

I’ve noted in the past some of the strange beliefs about DOIs (n.d.a) One of these is that DOIs provide some magic archiving capability (n.d.b) The other is the strange one that “DOIs make things citable”. This was one of the selling points for Figshare, for instance.

Clojure Gotchas

I’ve been programming in Clojure for well over a year now; originally, I heard about it care of Sam Aaron, an old PhD student of ours who gave a fun lunch time talk; I rarely go to these (although I probably should). Indirectly, Tawny-OWL came out of this one, so it is good that I went.

Tawny-OWL 1.1.0

I am please to announce the second full release of Tawny-OWL, my library for fully programmatic development of OWL ontologies. Tawny-OWL now has a fairly large feature set and is becoming a rich development environment.