Got through lots today; both went swimming and walked to the top of the town moor because I haven’t been there before. Really nice, as is happens. The weather was warm, but with a fresh breeze, generally very good.

I was thinking about how we define racism; many people equate it with prejudice (based on race obviously), but I don’t think that this is enough. There needs to be some political or power structure in the way, otherwise it’s just prejudice and why have two words for the same thing.

It’s often hard to describe the different between the two concepts, but I have a good analogy: is a heterosexual man being sexist when he chooses to only go out with women? Most people would say no, but he is clearly being prejudiced, just not in a way that most would find unacceptible.

Strange thing to be thinkin about on a beautiful, sunny afternoon, but there you have it. When I got home, I ended up listening to Peter Day on in business; I can’t see it myself — I’m sure he’s well respected but he always seems unincisive, lacking in depth and patronising. A very rare collection of attributes.

Originally published on my old blog site.