Last weekend, I went to Tesco’s. Unusual for me, as it’s some way off, although the food range is better than the local Asda, which is enourmous, but full of rubbish.

Supermarket shopping on saturday is strangely relaxing — the environment and general experience is so horrible that they only way I can cope is to let my brain switch off as much as possible and wander around in a meditative daze.

I spent 15 minutes trying to find soap — I’d assumed it was with detergent, but actually it was next to the dental floss. I also noticed that the pasta isle has been renamed to "Italian Meal Solutions". Very strange.

This weekend, one of my oldest (or should I say longest) friends, Phil, came up. In the end, we watched some vids and drank some beer. Actually, I watched the vids and Phil dozed off. I wonder how a man who is clearly so desparately in need of sleep is going to cope; he’s going to become a father in a few weeks time.

Originally published on my old blog site.