Last night I came to an amazing discovery; the TV in the US can be great. Last night, I fall across UCSD TV. I watched a great lecture on the sociology of the stem cell debate which was most illumiating. I then stayed awake a bit too long listening to a programme on sleep deprivation and the body clock. University TV — a great idea. Perhaps Newcastle should start pod-casting — a daily lecture on some topic being researched or taught at the Unversity. Perhaps surprisingly, the straight lecture format works quite well on the box, and it’s relatively cheap.

Walked around Mission Bay these morning. In the morning, there was a mist over the sky, the air was sweet with the smell of tropical trees and and heady with petrol fumes. It’s a naturally beautiful area; I can’t help thinking that it’s natural beauty could have been enchanced if the city were not designed for the convienience of cars.

Wasn’t sure what to eat; ended up getting Japanese — had edamame and veggie teriyaki; 10 dollars, large enough to feed a water buffalo who hadn’t eaten for several days. Would have been nicer half the size and done better, but it was still good.

Originally published on my old blog site.