Well, the flight over involved an unexpected stopover in JFK; the ticket said "Salt Lake City" to "Paris", with a single flight number. Randomly this single flight involved flying to JFK, getting off, and getting on a different plane. I’m not sure in quite what sense this can be considered to be a single flight then. Never been to JFK before; previously, I thought that LHR was the worst airport that I have been to. It’s not.

The actual flight was fine; had a interesting discussion with a woman from Puerto Rica. I confess not to know that much about it and about it’s relationship with the US. It’s clear that the country has some difficult decisions ahead.

Sadly, we got stuck in traffic at JFK and were over an hour taking off, so now I have missed my flight and am stuck in Paris for another 2 hours before I head for LHR. Three bad airports in a row. For those of you who are counting, this means 5 flights for one journey.

It’s 1 in the afternoon and I feel bad.

Originally published on my old blog site.