Got up yesterday morning (duh, duh, der, duh) to go the conference. On the way down in the lift, realised I’d forgotten my geek badge. So, went back up to my room. Realised, I’d locked myself out. So went back down to reception. Then back up to get my geek badge, then back out. 55 floors of movement. Hmmm.

I’m enjoying ISMB this year. Been flitting between SIGs and don’t have to worry about bio-ontologies till tomorrow. Text has been quite fun. BOSC as often has some interesting subjects but with a big variation in the quality of the talks about these subjects. Biopathways had some nice stuff also, but the talks are a bit long and the program keeps going off time. Lucky that Mark Wilkinson’s biomoby talk was early at BOSC, as I could pop out of pathways without missing two talks; glad I didn’t miss that; exciting, energentic and with very funky slides, as always.

Originally published on my old blog site.