What a pleasure it is to be back in America. ISMB and Toronto were good, but now I’ve moved onto higher things and am in Minniapolis for a flight change. I entered the US in Toronto (er…) having cleared immigration there; end up in the secondary examination room (where’s the vaseline?) having after first miserable enemy of humanity for an customs officer who didn’t want to point out that "index finger" meant the first finger. Well, it was early.

I should mention that the two customs people in the backroom, though, were polite, patient and efficient.

On the plane, I had a moment of panic when the announced the destination as "Twinchitty", somewhere I did not want to be. Turns out Minneapolis is known as "the twin cities".

Stopped in the airport for some noodles and tofu. They were alright but the caramel in the soy fused with the addititives to leave a nasty aftertaste. So I went in search of some fruit; the cloest I could get is some banana cake and a small (read vast) expresso.

America, America, Land of the Free, tra, le da.

Originally published on my old blog site.