So, two days in San Diego; it was a busy place. Comic Con was on; I’ve never seen so many Jedi in one place, although the Boba Fett’s made a pretty good showing.

Most of the stuff that I saw in San Diego, I’ve been to before; the exceptions was Balboa Park — very nice indeed, lots of museums, including a botanics and a cactus gardens — and Coronado — chilled out, lovely and, no doubt, very expensive.

Also spent 3 hours in car hire places. A throughly irritating and unpleasant experience. I was taking back one car and taking out another. The first car had some bumper marks on the rear; apparently this required urgent buffing to return a hire car with 80,000 miles to full service and this would cost $75. Much arguing with the idiot cliche of a hire man ("is this how you do business?"). In the end, paper and water cleaned it up. I guess that I should not have been surprised by a car hire place called "A1 Budget Hire", but it was tiresome.

The second place, this time Dollar Car Hire, decided that we hadn’t paid them enough and they should charge $200 extra, for a single way journey. This is after an 2 hour wait in the queue; this one, we are going have to take up with the credit card company.

Ah, well, onwards and upwards; we have moved to Indio which is inland and in the desert. No idea what it’s like as it was dark when we arrived except that it’s really hot; yeah, well, I guess it’s a desert.

Originally published on my old blog site.