Been having problems with my water tank. At first, it appeared to be the tank itself; I ended up with a frying pan underneath to catch the flow. Eventually, I realised that it’s the pressure meter at the top of the tank which is the problem; the water was coming down the side, and dripping from the bottom. It’s only dripping which is why it took me so long to work out where it was ultimately coming from. But it’s leaking maybe half a litre an hour, which is a lot of water over time. However, because the tank is close to the ground, I could only use a shallow frying pan to catch the water. My solution to the problem is a Heath Robinson master-piece.

I’ve wrapped a piece of cloth under the leak, which has got soaked. This then directs the moisture away from the tank, where it can drip freely and be caught in a large container. The dripping was going to drive me mad, however, and also as the cloth got wet, it changed it’s shape; so I added a funnel and pipe. The last essential ingredients were some cling-film around the cloth to stop drips from anywhere else, and vaseline on the water tank to re-direct the last few recalcitrant flows.

Full details available.

Originally published on my old blog site.