I had cause to go doctors recently; I thought, I’d try the new drop-in centre that they have opened in town. It was fine, for the record, although I can’t really see the difference between this and a normal doctors. Well, with the exception that they don’t have the appointments fiddle (we guarentee to give you an appointment with 48 hours, but not giving you an appointment which is further away).

Next day, I get a call from my own doctors — were they phoning up to send me a get-well soon. No, of course not, they were phoning up to sign me off; the receptionist seemed quite irritated that I had been to the drop-in place, and had great pleasure in telling me to seek a new doctor.

The problem was, of course, that I have moved, so I am "now no longer in their area". Yeah, but I only go to the doctors once every couple of years, on average, and I move on average about that often. So, theoretically, I would have to register with a new doctor about as often as I want to see one; hardly surprising, then, that I can’t be assed to register at all.

Originally published on my old blog site.