Today, I tried some bulgar wheat which I haven’t cooked with for several years. I think it was fairly succesful.


1/2 Red Onion
Large Handful Bulgar Wheat


Garlic Puree
Dark Soy Sauce
Rice Vinegar
Chilli Sauce
Veggie Oxo cube


Fry red onion, with some garlic and pepper and the Oxo cube in a small pan, with olive oil. When half done add decent splosh of soy. Wait till the soy starts to brown somewhat. Add the vinegar to shift the soy stuck to the pan. Wait till most of the vinegar has evaporated off, then ad the bulgar wheat, followed by a cup of water, put a lid on and simmer.

The wheat takes about 10 minutes to cook, after which most of the water is poured off, leaving enough to keep it moist. Then, it’s served and garnished with a some few threads of the chilli sauce.

Served with

In this case, I used this to accompany some quorn garlic and herb chicken things. And topped it off with some garlic bread that’s been hanging around for ages.


So, yeah, this meal had a lot of garlic in it (the olive oil was garlic infused as well). It was reasonably hot. I really like the MSG/Soy/Rice Vinegar combination which I discovered recently and currently using in lots of food.

I quite like the Bulgar wheat; it’s nice to have another staple to play around with.

Originally published on my old blog site.