This morning, went to the Jain temples I missed yesterday. There are five, as it happens, interlocking, interconnected, criss-crossing the streets. They’re very good, closeted and enclosed after the airy, openness of Ranakpur.

This afternoon a camel “safari” — on the way, we stopped off at a Mausoleum and then another Jain temple which we didn’t actually go in. The safari was a camel ride for two hours to some dunes, where we had fresh-cooked pakora, biscuits and a snack which tasted like a cross between poppadoms and monster munch. It was really fun in a donkey ride kind of sense. The town is the middle of a cold snap which made the desert pleasant.

We’re still on the waiting list for the train. We have a backup plan now involving a bus; apparently, without the tickets, we can’t travel anyway. I’d rather take the train, although some other Aussies (they get everywhere!) said the bus isn’t too bad.