The Aussies were made; the bus is squalid. There are seats and bunks. The posh option is a upper bunk over the seats, with sliding windows on both sides. The opposite side is a single bunk which is open. The seats are if you are really poor. The temperature inside the bus is rising from hot to, well, hotter. I have no idea what this must be like when we are not in the middle of a cold spell.

Turns out the seats are not if you are really poor; this is standing up. The bus is now heaving full of people on two different levels. Combined with the general madness that I’ve seen on the road, I would be nervous if there was anything at all I could do about it. People don’t moan about health and safety in India; there isn’t any to moan about.

Oh and it’s not non-smoking. The group of Americans opposite us are really not happy people.

Here we go…​