I started today with a late breakfast — I went for a combination Bangladeshi-English breakfast with both curry and hash-browns. Tomorrow, I’ll drop the rice, and have the fresh bread that they are make on the spot.

Later, we went out for shoes and currency. Roads here are scary; there are no real pavements, lanes are an expression of broad intentions — 2 lanes mean no more than 4 vehicles abreast. Despite this, it feels less dangerous than Brazil; everyone wanted to get on, but fewer people wanted to be a forumla one driver. As elsewhere, the begging is bad, with a gauntlet surrounding the hotel. Again, it didn’t feel aggressive, just unpleasant. On the way to the bank, we pass a small food market, with waste food rotting in a skip, picked over by feral sheep.

Back in the hotel, read the newspaper. The English is beautiful, with a slightly archaic feel and an overly formal style. The content of the paper was also interesting, with a in-depth analysis of the electricity supply in different parts of the country.