My foreign adventure is now well over; I’ve even been back to work for several days, gone shopping, the prosaic garbage of life.

As I blogged before I left, I didn’t life blog because I didn’t have a computer; I did buy the promised notebook (I said notebook not netbook), although in Dhaka, cause I forgot it in the airport. I really enjoyed the experience, actually; it was fun to write notes as I was going, to put down my thoughts; it was a long-enough and varied-enough holiday that it was good to read what I had written also. I will post here, slightly cleaned up, what I wrote, because it’s the easiest way of storing it so I can read it again in the future.

Blog posts will come as they are written, which will probably take a while to do. I’m going to leave the blog date as is, but I’ll put the original date into the title.