I’m now all packed for tomorrow as I head out on an eastern adventure, for Bangladesh and India; first, for a wedding in Dhaka and then a holiday in Rajasthan (that’s the place where the bridge collapsed yesterday, killing lots of people).

As usual before travelling, I am rather down about the whole thing; especially, as I’ve just got back home. After the madness of the first term, I really could do with a holiday. I suspect that this one is going to be many things, but relaxing is not one of them.

Still, once I get going, it should be good. Starting off with trains, then planes, I shall cut my environmental disaster through the atmosphere. I’ve been over this part of the world before, but never landed. I’m expecting it to be a rather overwhelming experience.

Unlike last time there will be no live blogging on this trip. I am going without computer and, in general, the minimum of electronics; I shall buy a notebook in the airport so that I can write it up in full when I get back.

Actually, this might not get posted till I get back either; Virgin appears to have crashed again. Oh dear.