It’s been all quiet of the blog front for a while — over a month, in fact, although I did find half a finished blog post hidden away in my November directory. Not enough, sadly, to remember what it was going to be about, so that’s that gem gone forever.

So, what’s happened in this time? One gig — I went to see Glen Tilbrook, who was excellent as always. Brook Magnanti, previously of Newcastle, proved with her blog that contrary to media expectations that scientists can, in fact, write. Sometimes. Dr Who has had his first assistant top themselves. And, I have moved house.

Of course, on top of all the other excitement and madness of a busy teaching term, it’s left me tired, but we’ve been here a week now, and it’s slowly starting to take shape. I’m missing somethings about the last place; the view out of the front window, down the river, is obvious. But, then, also out of the back used to be the ex-industrial landscape, with the Gateshead carpark against the sunset, which was surprisingly beautiful in it’s harshness. Now, it’s the brooding rear end of some industrial terraces. Having said that, the cycle over the town moor is both bracing and much faster—​bout the same distance, but flatter on the way than before, and less technical on the way back, so I travel faster. We have shops and food places galore nearby. And, the house is bigger than before, even if slightly strange in it’s organisation.

I think, as this house grows into a home, it should turn out to be a good one. I’m looking forward to it.

Just to remind myself, when I look back in the future, I’ve written this on the 8th. If the internet gets reconnected on Friday, it should see the light of day then. Fingers crossed!