Eric Taylor and Naomi Sommers


Last night was my first time at the Cluny 2, which used to be the Round, as some of the signs inside still claim. It's not round any more, having a conventional stage. There is still noise from the Cluny 1 upstairs and the occasional flushing of toilets; I guess that they can't complain about this anymore.

The support was Naomi Sommers. Pretty standard format, really, one woman and a guitar. She has a lovely voice, rich and warm which made the show. Some of her songs are pretty strong ("February"); some were less good, but no bad ones. Enjoyable.

Eric Taylor, I've not seen before. He also has a great voice, supported by some excellent finger-picking. His stage presence is dark and melodramatic. He's also a bit nuts; songs were separated by repetitious and rambling talks about, well, something. Most of it didn't really make sense. Combined with the increasingly cold Cluny 2, it was all a bit much, so I skipped the encore. Entertaining, in parts, but not entirely satisfying.