Last night was my first time at the Cluny 2, which used to be the Round, as some of the signs inside still claim. It’s not round any more, having a conventional stage. There is still noise from the Cluny 1 upstairs and the occasional flushing of toilets; I guess that they can’t complain about this anymore.

The support was Naomi Sommers. Pretty standard format, really, one woman and a guitar. She has a lovely voice, rich and warm which made the show. Some of her songs are pretty strong (“February”); some were less good, but no bad ones. Enjoyable.

Eric Taylor, I’ve not seen before. He also has a great voice, supported by some excellent finger-picking. His stage presence is dark and melodramatic. He’s also a bit nuts; songs were separated by repetitious and rambling talks about, well, something. Most of it didn’t really make sense. Combined with the increasingly cold Cluny 2, it was all a bit much, so I skipped the encore. Entertaining, in parts, but not entirely satisfying.