Modification in the Future


Make has been driving me mad for the last week. It keeps on complaining about "modification time in the future". Normally, this happens because you're using rmeote files from a server which doesn't have sync'd time. But this is rare these days. Anyway, it was complain that the file was 10E+06 seconds in the future; that's a really, really big clock skew.

Did a bit of poking around. One possibility I found was that it was due to a limitation in FAT32; hmmm, not likely. Didn't have time for more. I am at a conference; supposed to be paying some attention.

Anyway, the solution came to me today. Or rather the cause, because the solution was obvious. Turns up, when I changed timezone to Czech, I pushed the month back to August. What I don't understand is that I was sure windows synced to a NTP server running somewhere. What does it do when you change the month?