Following my holiday, I’ve decided to create two new categories for my blog, one for all my professional pieces and one for my personal.

This blog fulfils two many purposes. Firstly, it serves as a memory aid for myself; I can look back at the things and the ideas that I’ve had in the past. Secondly, I use it to publish these ideas. I’m aware that the former is the more important than the latter; like most blogs, this site is not heavy traffic.

I do publish about my personal life here, but this is not a full disclosure blog; it’s called “an Exercise in Irrelevance” for exactly this reason. I put occasional reviews of things up; places I’ve visited or music that I’ve listened to. All about my reactions to public events. This blog isn’t meant to be a soap opera.

I also publish posts about my work here. I think, over time, these will become more important; recently, I’ve been the blog as lab book but I think it will also start to become a more formal publication route.

Given this, I think it makes sense to separate the two strands, to enable the few subscribers that I have to choose whether to read about my life outside science or not. Personal, Professional or Everything, the choice is yours.