I think I now have my blogging environment as I want it. I’ve been using blogpost.py to do my posting. I couldn’t let go of my text only environment. I don’t care if it’s old fashioned, but I like the separation of editing and viewing. In this case, I’ve even had to learn asciidoc, but it was worth the effort.

Today, I think I have fiddled with blogpost.py for the last time. I can now set both categories and status (published or unpublished) from within the blogfile. I’d added a post command previously; originally, blogpost used to have a create and update command.

The big advantage with this is that all the information about the blog is apparent from the file; this means I can use a single make file to compile the lot. Any changes that I make while on the road will automatically publish to the web when I get online again. I can even put a catch-up in my backfile to make sure everything is up-to-date.

Okay, so I am sad; so sue me.