It’s finally happened. I’ve decided to move from generating my blog with muse to using a Wordpress hosted version. The muse generated version is a set of static pages; I like the simplicity of this, but it’s just not powerful enough. I wanted to keep the ability to edit my posts with a text editor; for this, I am using asciidoc and blogpost which I hope will function as easily as muse. It’s going to take writing a bit of support code, but it should be relatively light; in the meantime, it should stop people moaning about my awful blog design.

As I post this, I’ve not gone 100% live yet; there are still a few things left to do. When it’s all finally ready, I shall post my last note to my old blog, and the change over will have happened.

Feels a bit sad, after three years using the old technique, but change happens to us all in the end.