Decided to get broadband for the house; bit of a nightmare; there are so many variables that the different packages are hard to compare. Bulldog appears the cheapest at a tenner for 8Mb, but isn’t available here. Irritatingly, they over a slower package for more. CarphoneWarehouse announced a new package today, but this involves the phone and has an 18 month tie in, and a 30 quid connection fee. Currently, tiscali appears the best, though. It’s slow (1Mb), but cheap and uncapped, and seem to have good house moving policies. The only problem is that they don’t do static IP’s. I think I can get around this, with various NAT fiddlings, but it’s not-trivial.

This is all a pain; there is too much choice here, too many options. This seems to be true in general for telecoms. The problem is that it’s just too expensive at the moment, so people are actually forced to care about these differences. Give it another year or two and I think the prices in general (for non-mobile anyway) will come down enough, to where it doesn’t matter. At least, I hope so.

Originally published on my old blog site.