Took rather a lot of messing around, but I should have an "Everything" page now. The problem was that people kept saying I never posted anything. In reality, it’s because the posts were split among four feeds. So, now, there are five!

As it happens, this is was a good thing. I use muse to generate these pages, but I’ve had to hack it a bit to split the files up — I want to maintain a single source file but then generate out a one per month chunk of HTML.

Muse is quite clever; it works out whether output files are out of date, but assumes that there is only a single file. I’d hacked the code so that it checked all the output files. This never worked well, so I’ve removed it. Things seem to work better now and there are less changes between the publish function supplied by muse, and the one I overload it with.

Perhaps, I should just take Dan’s advice and use a content management system. But, this way I don’t need databases and all that malarky.

Originally published on my old blog site.