Trying to help my dad out with his computer. I’ve come to the conclusion that Vista is a pig. It’s slow as treacle, unless you turn off all the 3D nonsense which frankly doesn’t do much anyway. It’s not very stable. Norton anti-virus refused to identify itself to uninstall; when I finally worked it out, the uninstall took for ever. Eventually I had to reboot; it turned out to be because it was waiting for input from me from a dialog underneath the "uninstalling" progress bar. And I could not get it sharing files despite my best attempts. The only nice thing — it knew the name of my router and opened up a browser to automatically.

Picasa is also a pig. The UI is slow, the scrolling uncontrollable. I want to add captions and place into an export folder but, unaccountablly, this takes about 20 clicks. Urrgh.

Originally published on my old blog site.