Installed Hardy Heron today on some laptops I have at home — I had decided to try and rip my entire CD collection again with consistent naming and organisation, and the best tool for the job — ripit — is linux based. The wonderous wubi makes a quick installation for a single purpose possible. There is not risk to your machine, and no painful partitioning to be done.

Hardy worked pretty well. X worked fine, as did the new resolution switchers. They have moved the location of the "no, no, no, don’t autoplay the CD, not under any circumstances, just don’t do it" dialog from removable devices and media to the file browser. They need to rename something—a CD is "removable media" in my book.

I couldn’t get the wireless to work which was pretty disappointing, but this turned out to be because I had clicked the wrong button — if you single-click the network on the panel and pick the relevant network it all just works. If you right-click and fiddle with the settings yourself, it doesn’t. Hardy actually got all three of my cards (spread between two computers) with no problems.

Neither computer is upto much, and each CD is taking ~20 mins, which is much longer than I expected. Still can’t really blame hardy for this.

Originally published on my old blog site.