Well, the new version of the software for this website is nearly done. I’m onto muse generation now, having got the scary make file and perl file generator done.

Of course, you could ask the question why not switch to wordpress or blogger or the like? Well, at the end of the day, I have to have an offline tool. Also, I like to have all my source files locally. All my electronic work is based around a single directory, and everything is in there. I guess that I am far from being a convert to the cloud.

It’s probably going to take a few weeks yet, though. There should be only a few visible changes; first I am moving toward tags rather than categoies. I will be adding more than the current four. This means the individual RSS feeds — there will be only one. I doubt that anyone will mind this, but should if not.

My experiences with bazaar continue. I’ve used it to version my new blog software and, also, all my course notes from this years teaching. I’ve had one inexplicable crash (it core dumped everytime I tried to init one directory). In general, though it’s really nice. It feels like going back to RCS in some ways. You don’t have the SVN and CVS nightmare of importing a new project which tends to involve moving existing files out of place, then checking them out back into place.

I haven’t actually tried any of the distributed facilities yet; it’s all just me for which SVN was always overkill anyway. It’s nice to know that I will have the option when I get to it.

Originally published on my old blog site.