"Unlike solar, or wind power, the tides move all the time"

Interesting story on the news about the first commercial wave power system. This is happening in Portugal, despite the technology being developed in this country because Portugal gives preferential treatment to energy from renewable sources.

It’s great to hear that this is happening, regardless of where it is happening. It fits quite nicely with stories earlier in the week about gas prices. Currently, the problem with all renewable energy supplies is there high, up-front costs. But, energy supplies are getting less dependable and more expensive with time, and renewable technologies are getting cheaper as they are moving toward mass production.

The quote is from a listener to the radio. I’m not sure it makes sense. The system was a pelamis system (pipes which hinges, which pump hydraulic fluid, while they bend). As most waves occur as a result of the wind, rather than tidal movements, the pelamis system would be susceptible to becalming; just not very often.

Originally published on my old blog site.